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Come and see BridgeMont's unique rustic cabins.

Campers are placed in cabins based on the school grade they will enter in the fall. We take requests for friends that want to stick together. 

Devotions & Reflections

Every day we start with cabin devotions, where the counselors teach a memory verse, dive into it and answer any questions. There will be time for journaling and also memory verse games. At the end of the day, campers will meet in a circle in their cabin and go over the day. They will express things they learned or questions they still have and their favorite part of the day. It is a great way to end the day and get ready for sleep.

Cabin Clean Up

For a week, we will live in the cabins as a family. Every family member has to clean where they live. Each morning the campers clean their cabins after returning from breakfast. Cabins are then inspected and scores are announced at lunch. During the week, the points will keep adding up until the last day, when the cabin with highest score wins the GOLDEN PLUNGER.

camp life

7:30am  -  Rise and Shine

8:00am  -  Quiet Time & Devotions

8:30am  -  Breakfast

9:00am  -  Cabin and Bathhouse Clean Up

9:30am  -  Cabin Devotions & Skit Prep

10:00am  -  First Activity

11:15am  -  Second Activity

12:30pm  -  Lunch

1:30pm  -  Bible Study

2:00pm  -  Third Activity

3:15pm  -  Snack Time

3:45pm  -  Team Sports

4:30pm  -  Free Swim

5:30pm  -  Supper

6:15pm  -  Surprise Hour

7:15pm  -  Showers

8:00pm  -  Celebration

9:30pm  -  Reflection

10:00pm -  Lights Out

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