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Our heritage

Where BridgeMont came from

Friends and families of the Bible Presbyterian Church came together to begin a camp in the Great Smoky Mountains to provide children and youth with a Christ-centered camping experience. The first camp weeks took place in 1966. The campus was later chartered in 1969 by the state of Tennessee as a nonprofit camp for girls and boys, overseen by a Board of Directors, through the leadership of dedicated church and lay leaders. It was given the name: Smoky Mountain Bible Presbyterian Church Camp.

Following several successful years, the camp was transferred to the Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship. Through the new partnership, it continued its outreach to youth and children with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many inner city ministries from Atlanta and Nashville were served at the camp, each gaining an enriching camp experience and an opportunity to hear the gospel and be encouraged in their faith.

In the 1980's the camp began reaching out into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway with wilderness experiences such as backpacking, rafting and cycling. Youth groups, college ministries, and father-son groups were able to experience the beauty of God's creation while navigating the roads and trails of the backcountry.

During the 1990s, it became clear that the camp could become a place where churches could retreat to for the weekend. Year round activities could be developed to continue the camp's outreach. Work began to winterize its facilities and provide opportunities for guests to experience the Smoky Mountains in a "back to basics" atmosphere.

The Board of Directors changed the camp's name to BridgeMont Ministries Inc. in 1999. With the Gospel of Christ at the center of its camping ministry, the camp's and purpose for the future was defined. "BridgeMont is a Christ-centered outdoor education and camping experience that bridges the gap between what we know and what we do."

Where BridgeMont is now 

BridgeMont is a place where groups can retreat for a weekend; a place where they join the camp family, and enjoy great food, fellowship, and fun.

Families can send their children for a great week of summer camp that they will talk about throughout the year. These camp experiences often provide friends and growth that will last a lifetime.

Groups can come and serve for a week doing camp and community projects. Young adults can serve on staff and touch lives of children and youth.

BridgeMont provides the opportunity to live in community with others, experience new adventures each day, and step aside from the electronic age for a while. It offers guests a chance to use imagination as they see and examine God's creation, and then hand craft an item in the new art studio. 

BridgeMont invites you to come soon, step back, slow down, reconnect and leave refreshed.

"A camp for Christ-centered teaching and outdoor experience in the Great Smoky Mountains"

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